Thank You "You Are an Angel" single

This song would not exist without the help of many people. I (Jeff Anvinson) want to acknowledge you and thank you. There are so many people who have made an influence on my life, leading up to the creation of "You Are an Angel". I listed you in somewhat random order, except for the person named first, who deserves to be at the top of the list. My thanks go to . . .

. . . the dedicatee of "You Are an Angel". This song was inspired by, created for, and is dedicated to you, the person who had a profound effect on my life. Though you will remain anonymous to others, you will always be in my heart.

. . . the young musicians who recorded critical parts of this song (in alphabetical order): Charlotte, Claire, and Simon. You were indispensable. I am so glad that you could take part in this project.

. . . the families of the young musicians. You deserve thanks for everything you do behind the scenes.

. . . my good friend Steven. We have been friends for over thirty years and your commitment to friendship has been absolute, even when I didn't deserve it or pushed you away. I've learned so much from you over the years. You were responsible for getting me to appreciate and play jazz music, which is a gift that never ends. (Click here to go to his band's website.)

. . . the friends who have helped me over the years, who didn't treat friendship lightly or serve to devalue or destroy it. I wish to single out several.
  • Susan. You are an incredible person and a master of friendship. You have earned my respect many times over.
  • Penny. You helped me rediscover pop/rock music and taught me so much about friendship.
  • Eric. You gave me so many wonderful performing opportunities and welcomed me like I was part of your family. I have really enjoyed getting to know your family. Your oldest daughter will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you not only for friendship, but for your honesty and integrity.
  • Amy Jo and David. You have been so kind through the years. I'm really thankful for your friendship.

. . . the members of my family, who have had a major influence on my life and continue to do so. My mother deserves special emphasis not just because she encouraged me as a musician, but for all the things that mothers do for their children.

. . . my cousin Anthony. From the times we discussed writing songs as undergraduates, to our recent collaborations on the songs you write and record - my favorite of which is the beautiful "Don't Take My Dreams Away" - thank you for so many good and productive times. (Click here to hear this touching song and examples of our collaboration.)

. . . Jerry McMartin, one of my best friends from fifth grade till he passed away many years ago. You brought me such humor and joy in life, along with guidance. I learned much from you. When you died too young, your passing motivated me to do my best, make use of my life, and ultimately, to devote myself to a career of music.

. . . my current and former students. You have taught me more than I thought I could learn, motivated me in ways that I couldn't have imagined, and made me proud and happy in a quantity uncountable.

. . . my first piano teacher, Sister Victorine, who sadly passed away in 2013. She was such a great teacher - inspiring me and making lessons fun. She encouraged me to compose music when I was only six or seven years old. Her influence, though relatively short, has been far-reaching.

. . . all of my teachers, from grade school to graduate school. You took the time to educate me and profoundly affect my life. I hate to single anyone out for fear of forgetting someone who deserves high praise, and for not identifying some by name who were extra helpful (of whom there are many), but I must mention the late Michael Polovitz. He, more than anyone else, influenced me to major in music. His acceptance of my first compositions for wind ensemble and performance of them by ensembles he directed, motivated me to continue composing.

. . . those of you whom I've known in life, whom I haven't mentioned. Please forgive me for not singling you out. I would have to create a very, very long list to do you justice. I thank you all.

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