Technical Details of the Project

Hard Disk

For the techies interested in the details of the making of "You Are an Angel", here they are! (I know, I know! This is mostly relatively old software and budget hardware, but it's what I (Jeff Anvinson) can afford. That's why you have to boost sales by telling your friends and family to buy the recording! ;-) )

  • Digital Audio Workstation: Sonar X2
  • Software Synthesizers:
    • Drum Session for most of the percussion
    • Cakewalk TTS-1 for bass, harpsichord, and some cymbals
    • Dimension Pro for organ and synthetic sounds
    • Guitar Rig 4 for guitar distortion
  • Software Reverb: Sonitus:fx Reverb
  • Software Compressor: Sonitus:fx Compressor
  • Software Equalization: Sonitus:fx Equalizer
  • Software Tuner: GTune VST Plug-in
  • Music Notation Software: Finale 2012
  • Other Audio Software: Audacity
  • Hardware Audio Interface: M-Audio FastTrack Pro
  • Microphone: AudioTechnica 2020 Condenser with pop filter
  • Piano Keyboards:
    • Roland HP-126 (used to aid composition)
    • Studiologic SL-880 Midi Controller (used for midi recording)
  • 450 square-foot office room with no special acoustic-enhancing additions used for recording
  • Guitars:
    • Asturias Classical Guitar
    • Fender Stratocaster (foreign-made) cabled directly in to the hardware audio interface
  • Web Software: Dreamweaver CS6
  • Graphics Software: Photoshop and Fireworks CS3

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