Rainbow at JLA Music

JLA Music, the studio where "You Are an Angel" was created, is located in East Grand Forks, MN. The company is owned and operated by Jeff Anvinson, the creator of the song. It is a multi-use facility where several different activities can be held. It's primary use is for private teaching. But it's also used as a business office, a practice room, workshop event room, music composition and arranging room, small recital space, and other possible uses.

Recording at JLA Music

For recording, it serves as a studio as needed, without having any special acoustic enhancements, relying on the magic of audio software to create a studo-like sound. It can be used for recording by individuals and small groups of people numbering one to approximately twenty. "You Are an Angel" is one of a number of recordings available online that were recorded and produced by or through JLA Music. Though JLA Music is not technically built for recording, its modest resources can produce high-quality recordings in an informal setting.

Frost Fire rehearsal at JLA Music

Some of the events that JLA Music has hosted include a workshop on flamenco guitar techniques, a student recital, rehearsal space for the Frost Fire Summer Theater musical, production of educational videos, and more.

You can read more about JLA Music, Jeff Anvinson, and other related web pages at these websites:,, and You can find JLA Music's business page on Facebook by searching for "JLA Music".

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