You Are an Angel

". . . if you stumble and fall, sing like your soul's filled with light. Follow your heart! Love will set you free. You are an angel, an angel to me."

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A single composed, recorded, and produced by Jeff Anvinson. Some sections performed by young musicians Charlotte, Claire, and Simon*, all thirteen years old or younger.

Support independent musicians - and young ones! Purchase a digital copy today on Amazon or iTunes. It's only 99¢! A portion of the profits will go to the young musicians who performed on the song.

*Last names withheld to protect families' privacy. Parental permission obtained to use children's first names and other personal details appearing on this website.
You Are an Angel Jeff Anvinson

You Are an Angel - Single

NEW! Now available in a longer version (with the slow introduction) and a shorter version (without the slow introduction)!

Buy it on Amazon

Buy it for only 99¢ on Amazon (longer version)
Buy it for only 99¢ on Amazon (shorter version)

You Are an Angel Jeff Anvinson

Buy it for only 99¢ on iTunes (longer version)
Buy it for only 99¢ on iTunes (shorter version)

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